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CAT Awards

The Canberra Area Theatre or CAT Awards began in 1994 and are part of the theatre, dance, school theatre, theatre restaurant and musical theatre scene in Canberra and surrounding districts. The CAT awards provide recognition to the enormous contribution made by professional groups to the artistic life of Australia and, in particular, of the South East Region.


Spectrum Theatre Group Inc is a member of the ActewAGL Canberra Area Theatre (CAT) Awards.


Spectrum joined the CAT Awards in 2005 and had 7 nominations that year for "Annie" (see page 2)

Spectrum Theatre Group 2015 Cat Awards

More than 20 Spectrum members travelled to Canberra for the Awards Night, held in Llewellyn Hall at the ANU for the 2015 Awards

Spectrum Theatre Group

Cast & crew of "The Sound of Music" nominated for 3 CAT Awards in 2013.

"4 Women 4 Plays" directors with their 2011 CAT Award. Left to right: Loretta Walsh, Jen Hughes, Denise Dion, & Judy Davidson

Paul Dion, left, and Tim Ferguson at the CAT Awards in 2010.

Bill Deveril of the Spectrum Theatre Group with the award he received in Canberra for best set design at the 2009 CAT Awards.

2015 CAT Awards


At an Oscar-style Awards Night in Canberra on February 2oth 2016, Spectrum won TWO Canberra Area Theatre Awards from the 5 nominations it received for its production of “Moonlight and Magnolias”, directed by Amber Little.

More than 20 Spectrum members travelled to Canberra for the Awards Night, held in Llewellyn Hall at the ANU. Congratulations to:


1: Simon Lovatt – Best Actor in a Leading Role in a Play, for his role as David O Selznick.
2: Jesse Tankard – Best Actor in a Featured Role in a Play, for his role as Ben Hecht.

2013 CAT Awards

“The Sound of Music”, directed by Shaun Wykes - 3  nominations:


1: Robyn Whitby “Best Costume Designer for a Musical”

2: Nick Marshall, as Rolf – The Patricia Kelson Encouragement Award.

3: Hayley Fragnito, as Maria – “Best Actress in a Leading Role in a Musical.


2012 CAT Awards


“Travelling North” by David Williamson, directed by Bill Deveril

5 nominations:


1: Bill Deveril, for “Best Director of a Play”

2: John Fraser as Frank, for Best Actor in a Leading Role in a Play”

3: Bruce Waddell & Greg Whitby, for “Technical Achievement” in designing and constructing the revolving stage for this production.

4: Robyn Whitby, for “Best Costume Designed for a Play”

5: Spectrum Theatre Group, for “Best Production of a Play”

2011 CAT Awards

“4 Woman, 4 Plays”  directed by Denise Dion, Jen Hughes, Judy Davidson & Loretta Walsh – 3 nominations:


1:  Bruce Waddell – “Best Actor in a Leading Role in a Play” for his role in “Boxing Day”
2:  Spectrum Theatre Group –“Best Production of a Variety Show”
3: WON – The Patricia Kelson Encouragement  Award  was awarded to the four directors for their achievements in first-time directing.

2010 CAT Awards

“Prix D’Amour”, musical theatre production written by Paul Dion, directed by Elaine Waddell.


1: Nominated & WON – Paul Dion, for “Best Original Work”.


Spectrum member, Paul Dion, has been recognised for his creative talent by the Canberra Area Theatre (CAT) Award judges who voted his musical, Prix D'Amour, (The Price of Love) the best original work for 2010.


Paul wrote the script, music and lyrics for the show which was performed by the Spectrum Theatre Group at Twyford Hall in July and August 2010.


He was one of five nominees from 58 theatrical companies across the ACT and NSW, and received the award at the gala CAT Awards ceremony, held at the Llewellyn Hall, ANU School of Music, Canberra on Saturday, February 19.  


Attended by about 850 people, the CAT Awards recognise the artistic work of theatrical groups and individuals groups from Canberra and regional NSW.


Prix D'Amour is based on the book 'Rose' by Robert Wainwright and tells the story of Rose Hancock-Porteous' escape from the poverty of Manila, her arrival in Perth, Western Australia on a three month visitor's visa and how she lands herself a job as a housekeeper for one of Australia's wealthiest men, newly widowed and ageing mining magnate, Lang Hancock.  Their subsequent marriage creates friction and his lavish spending on her threatens the business until everyone ends up in court.


Speaking at the ceremony after receiving his award from ABC presenter, Tim Ferguson, Paul thanked Spectrum for taking up the challenge of staging a new work. He also thanked Rose Porteous-Hancock, Gina Rinehart, Lang Hancock, and Willie Porteous for leading such interesting lives and providing the raw material on which Prix D'Amour is based.


In 2010 judges viewed 96 plays, musicals and variety shows across a wide area including Canberra, Queanbeyan, Dubbo, Orange, Wagga Wagga, Cooma, Parkes and the South Coast to critique the work of more than 7,000 performers and production personnel.


Paul Dion - Playwright - Composer
"Prix D'Amour"
The story of Rose & Lang Hancock
Telephone: +61 (0)2 6495 7411
Mobile: 0403 55 69 14


2008/2009 CAT Awards



An amazing 6 nominations for Spectrum Theatre Group!


1: Geoff Carswell as the Club President, for “Best Actor in a Leading Role in a Play” for his role in "The Club" directed by Bill Deveril.
2: Bruce Waddell as the Club Secretary, for “ Best Actor I a Leading Role in a Play” for his role in "The Club".
3: WON -  Bill Deveril  for “Best Set Design in a Play”.

4:  Nomination “The Dastardly Doctor Devereaux” – a musical comedy, directed by Elaine Waddell :

5: WON – Ian Battersby & Steve Goodchild – “Award for Technical Achievement” for their sound design and execution for DDD.

6:  Nomination: "The Wind in the Willows" outdoor theatre directed by Lis Shelley - for the entry of Toads Car – “Magic Moment in Theatre”.


Congratulations to Bill Deveril who has been recognised for his theatrical set design after recreating both the look and the atmosphere of a 1970s Australian rules football club boardroom for Spectrum Theatre Group’s production of ‘The Club’ by David Williamson.


One of six nominees from 55 theatrical companies across the ACT and NSW, Bill was awarded best set designer for a play at the Canberra Area Theatre (CAT) Awards on Saturday, February 20.  Bill also directed the play, which deals with the scandal, mistrust and manipulation behind the scenes at a prominent Melbourne Aussie rules football club.


Spectrum Theatre Group featured in the general entertainment during the awards evening at the Canberra Theatre when Geoff Carswell donned green greasepaint and become Toad in the Wind in the Willows, driving across the stage in a special car created by Greg Whitby.  Toad’s entrance was nominated for a magic moment of theatre.


A contingent of Spectrum members and friends went to the Awards Ceremony at the Canberra Theatre on Saturday night Feb. 21st 2009 and were thrilled when the win was announced.


Steve and Ian both proudly accepted the award onstage, after which, the cast of "The DDD" peformed a song from the show.


It was a great experience for all concerned to appear on the large stage before the audience of 1200. Congratulations to all involved.

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