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Productions 2015 - 2017


We are seeking to compile more information about past productions.

We'd love to hear from you if you can help us with any additional names, photos, programmes or clippings.

If you have anything to add please contact our webmaster.



Sordid Lives

A Black Comedy About White Trash!

Directed by Amber Little.

ABOUT THE PLAY: Sordid Lives told the story of a small-town Texas family as they struggled to prepare for the funeral of the family matriarch who  died whilst engaging in an affair in a seedy motel room with her younger, married neighbour. This dark comedy comprised a cast of 13 strong, outrageous characters who worked together & took us on a journey filled with laughter, grief, tolerance, and unconditional love.


Earl "Brother Boy" Ingram - Sandy Glass
Bitsy Mae Harling – Patricia Mills
Ty Williamson – Rory Hawkins
Sissy Hickey – Denise Dion
Noleta Nethercott – Jodie Meaker
Latrelle Williamson – Donna Cotter
Lavonda Dupree – Amanda Rafferty
G.W. Nethercott – Sam Roberts
Wardell “Bubba” Owens – John Fraser
Odell Owens – Simon Lovatt
Juanita – Loretta Walsh
Dr Eve Bolinger – Sophie Campbell
Rev. Barnes – Dean Usher


The Cottage at Tathra

An intriguing short mystery play by David Burke. Directed by Bruce Waddell.


ABOUT THE PLAY: The lethal raid on Sydney Harbour by Japanese midget subs in May 1942 was breathtakingly audacious. But what of the tragic happenings that followed as they moved south? In their deadly assault on shipping off the NSW South Coast did the Japanese secretly come ashore on lonely beaches to seek supplies?


Was that possibly the only time that an enemy set foot on our mainland? Perhaps Tathra Painter Sarah Beamish knew the
answer. This play follows the contemporary investigations of a young writer as he tries to unravel the fatal mystery of what really happened on the South Coast during WW2.



Sarah – Amber Little

Mark – Dean Usher

Jo – Jodie Meaker

Vern – Sam Roberts
Lily, back then - Jessica Newell

Lily, today - Elaine Waddell


The Addams Family

A new Musical

Book by Marsall Brickman & Rick Elice

Director/Choreographer: Elaine Waddell

Musical Direction / Vocal Coaching: Sandy Glass, assisted by Donna Cotter

Stage Manager: Greg Whitby, assisted by Di Johnson, Jill Goodchild & Kye Dewberry

Costumes: Robyn Whitby and team.

Sound: Andrew Hynes and Steve Goodchild, assisted by Jordan McCorriston

Lighting design/operation: Bruce Waddell /Glenn Cotter

Make-up and hair: Di Tarrant, Lyndall Walsh and team

Front of House Manager: Debbie Kay and team

Assistant to the Director: Annette Haigh


Amber Little – Morticia
John Fraser – Gomez
Jessica Simpson – Wednesday
Luca Yi – Pugsley
Sandy Glass – Uncle Fester

Bruce Waddell – Grandma Addams
Jesse Tankard – Lurch
Amanda Rafferty  - Alice Beineke
Sam Roberts  - Mal  Beineke
Liam McManus  -  Lucas Beineke



Stephanie Gibbs, Jessica Newell, Aria Little, Bill Robertson, Adam Haley-Perkins, Alice Clevely, Lyndall Walsh, Jess Winslow, Bernard Langrenne, David Hall, Jayden Rafferty, Denise Dion, Donna Cotter.


Ron Hutchison's

Moonlight & Magnolias

Directed by Amber Little


Ben Croker's

Cinderella The Pantomime

Directed by Judy Davidson







Photos, clippings & programmes

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