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CAT Awards

Sam Roberts, Emily Freestone, Karen Tarpey & Geoff Carswell backstage before performing an excerpt from "Last Panto in Meirmbula" at the 2007 CAT Awards presentation night.

Troy Miller of Spectrum Theatre Group nominated for a 2007 CAT Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role.

Some of our members at the 2006 CAT Awards

2007 “Trippple" Honour - Spectrum Performs at Canberra Amateur Theatre Awards


“Trippple Play”- 3 one-act plays – 2 nominations:


1:  "In the Spirit of the Community"
2:  WON – Troy Miller – “Best Actor in a Supporting Role in a Play”.


It’s been a “trippple” honour for Spectrum’s 2007 production “Trippple Play”.The Canberra Amateur Theatre (“CAT”) Award nominations have been announced and Spectrum is thrilled to have received two nominations: “Best Actor in a Supporting Role in a Play” - Troy Miller as "Bernard" in Last Tango in Merimbula (Trippple Play) and “In the Spirit of the Community Award” - Spectrum Theatre Group, Merimbula.


In addition to two incredible nominations, Last Panto in Merimbula (Trippple Play) directed by Bill Deveril and starring Geoff Carswell, Emily Freestone, Sam Roberts and Karen Tarpey, have been invited to perform on the night of the CAT Awards.


The 13 CAT Award Judges saw the performances of almost 2,000 actors and witnessed almost 70 productions throughout 2007 so to be chosen to perform at the Amateur Theatre World’s “Night of Nights” is a truly outstanding achievement.


Director, Bill Deveril, is delighted that “Trippple Play” made such an impression on the Judges and that a scene from Last Panto in Merimbula was chosen, from so many other productions, to be performed at this prestigious event.


Twenty-one year old, Troy Miller, a local Apprentice Plumber was thrilled to have been nominated for "Best Actor in a Supporting Role in a Play" for his role as "Bernard" in Last Tango in Merimbula (Trippple Play).  Troy's acting career began in 2006 when he met someone on a building site who was "into" amateur theatre.


Not long afterwards, Troy (with no previous acting experience) decided to attend a Spectrum audition that he'd seen advertised in the local paper. Troy came away from that audition with a part in Spectrum's 2006 production of "Lucky Stiff" and has since performed in 2 other sell-out Spectrum productions. This has led to a passion for theatre and acting and last year Spectrum sponsored Troy (and two other young local people) to attend a 5 day NIDA Acting Course in Canberra. Troy has received huge accolades for the diverse roles he has played to date.




2006 CAT Awards


“Lucky Stiff”, musical theatre production

directed by Elaine Waddell – 3 nominations, one of which won its category:


1: Elaine Waddell, for “Best Director of a Musical or Variety Show”.
2:Tracey Butters, for “Best Actress in a Supporting Role in a Musical”.
3: WON - Best “Magic Moment of Theatre” for a scene that simulated a plane crash (devised by Greg Whitby and Anterese Caulfield)


A large contingent of cast and crew from “Lucky Stiff” attended the awards at the Canberra Playhouse and were absolutely thrilled to win best “Magic Moment of Theatre” for 2006!


The award was accepted by Greg Whitby, Beau Haigh and Josh Freestone. Greg designed the prop itself and set the “Air Masks” in place at each performance. Timing is everything in theatre and Beau released the air masks from the rafters at a critical moment during each performance and Josh was responsible for the plane disaster sound effects during this award winning scene.


This is a mammoth achievement for a regional area as not only did they beat 37 other theatre companies but they were up against 67 other productions which had been put forward for consideration.


Of the 68 productions in 2006, 34 were musicals and 34 were plays. And of these productions 40 were in the ACT with the other 28 in regional NSW.


In 2006 the 13 CAT Award Judges saw the performances of 1,957 actors and witnessed the work of 1,728 production personnel.This award recognises the amazing work of Spectrum and so many talented people living in the area who have a passion for theatre and live performances. 


2004 - our first year at the CAT Awards.


“Annie”, musical theatre production

directed by Elaine Waddell – 7 nominations:


1: John Fraser as Oliver Warbucks –“Best Actor in a Musical”.
2: Rebecca Winterflood as Annie – “Best Actress in a Musical”.
3: Bruce Waddell –“ Best Set Design”.
4: Robyn Whitby –“ Best Costumes”.
5: The Orphans –“ Best Ensemble in a Musical”.
6:  Anne Moffatt –“ Best Musical Director”.
7: Spectrum Theatre Group – “Best Musical Production”.



Spectrum received a “Special Award for Achievement" for their production of Annie” at the 2004 CAT Awards.




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