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Productions 2018 - 2019


We are seeking to compile more information about past productions.

We'd love to hear from you if you can help us with any additional names, photos, programmes or clippings.

If you have anything to add please contact our webmaster.



Ladies in Black

Book by Carolyn Burns, music and lyrics by Tim Finn.

Frankie J Holden (Director)

Amber Little (Choreogrpaher)

More info coming soon...


Take Two

A double bill of laughter and longing.

August - September 2018

"Seeds" written by Michelle Pettigrove

Frankie J Holden (Director)

The Cast

Amber Little

Jodie Meaker

Michelle Pettigrove

Amanda Rafferty

"Hand up who's not here" written and directed by John Fraser

Aladdin Junior

Wonderful musical theatre production featuring SPLAT (Spectrum Little Actors Theatre) young actors

Amber Little (Director)

John Fraser (Musical Director)

Donna Cotter (Assistant Director)

May – June 2018

The Cast

Aladdin - Ben Pettit
Princess Jasmine - Paris Sitchon
Genie - Matthew Gibbs
Jafar - Luca Yi
Iago - Aria Little
Sultan Hamed - Jayden Rafferty
Razoul - Lachlan Fraser
Magic Carpet - Sarah McCamish
Narrators: Juliet Fitzmaurice, Lillian McVeity,
Jessica Newell, Yasmin Powell



Skye Altmann, Alana Bretherton, Chloe Bretherton,
Isha Constable, Lily Dixon, Rosie Fernando, Zosha Fitzmaurice, Alex Haslam, Jayda Hulme, Carys Laughton, Charlotte Lipsham, Cassidy Marshall, Kelarni Marshall, Paris Martin, Monte McVeity, Jemima Moodie, Opal Moodie, Jackson Parsons, Lila Poso, Darby Rosenbaum, Stephanie Taylor, Anise Yi

Photos, clippings & programmes

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